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This is to inform you of the materials provided in multiple languages, and the policies and statistics related to multicultural families, etc.

Main Services

The Meaning of "Danuri"

Operating under the slogan, 'Beautiful Communication, Culture of Togetherness,' the multicultural family support portal "Danuri" got its name from a combination of words that express the essence of the organization. The "Da" in "Danuri" comes from the Chinese symbol "多" (meaning "multi" or "many"), which is used in the Korean word for multiculturalism. "Nuri" is a Korean word that carries the meaning of enjoyment and blessing. It is in this spirit of multiculturalism and enjoyment that Danuri provides a variety of information for marriage immigrants and multicultural families in Korea.

Main Services

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Resident/Foreigner Support Information on disembarkation, residence, and obtaining nationality for marriage immigrants entering Korea for the first time, as well as on counseling and general information about Korea
Korea Adaptation Support Korean culture and Korean language information for marriage immigrants who are unfamiliar with life in Korea, and youths from migrant backgrounds
* In this case, "youths from migrant backgrounds" refers to youths from multicultural families and migrant youth who are experiencing trouble adapting to Korean society, or who are struggling academically
Employment Support Employment information for marriage immigrants and information on systems that protect workers who have lost their job or have suffered injury/illness at the workplace, etc.
Life/Medical Support Information on welfare and childhood support systems for those experiencing financial or personal difficulties
Cultural Exchange Introducing different cultures to promote an understanding of cultural differences, and providing materials for the creation of bilingual learning environments
*Program for the creation of a bilingual environment: Program to support the children of multicultural families as they become global, multilingual citizens by encouraging the natural learning of their foreign parents' mother tongue through play
Multicultural Family Support Center An organization (with 217 centers nationwide) that exists to help multicultural families enjoy a safe and stable family life by providing Korean education, family education, counseling, and cultural programs, etc.
Multicultural Information Informative material in a variety of languages, as well as information on policies related to multicultural families, statistics, etc.
Rainbow+ The multicultural family information magazine 'Rainbow+' is published 4 times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) in 13 different languages

Supported Languages (13 total)

  • 한국어
  • 中文
  • Tiếng Việt
  • Tagalog
  • Монгол хэл
  •   ខ្មែរ
  • Русский
  • 日本語
  • ภาษาไทย
  • ພາສາລາວ
  • Uzbekcha
  • नेपाली


  • Introduction of Type 1 server & system relocation
  • Provision of mobile E-book
  • Portal 'Danuri', Rainbow+ Webzine, renewal of Multicultural Family Support Center design
  • Addition of 2 support languages (Japanese, Thai)
  • Development & launch of new Multicultural Family Support Center homepage
  • Homepage and overall design renewed
  • Enhancement of user privacy/security & acquisition of site verification mark
  • Addition of 2 support languages (Mongolian, Russian)
  • Overall redesign of Danuri & the Multicultural Family Support Center homepage
  • Multicultural family support portal "Danuri" established in April
  • 4 language services (Korean, English, Chinese and Vietnamese)

Introduction to Logo

The Meaning of the Danuri "CI"

  • The Danuri corporate image (CI) was designed as an image meant to convey Danuri’s hope of multicultural families, regular citizens and everyone the world over to live in peace and harmony.
  • Danuri’s CI is designed with the imagery of people and ribbons. These images symbolize the connections forged between different people and the harmony and the creation of a new, beautiful culture through these connections. The ribbon configuration at the bottom of the image overlaps and connects the people, which reinforces the idea of working together to create a new, beautiful culture. The image as a whole symbolize a "W", which stands for "Whoever you are, you will find happiness in Korea", and the hands at the top of the ribbon line symbolize togetherness.
  • Each of the different colors used symbolizes the culture of each country, and the primary colors are used to convey a bright spirit of hope and a healthy atmosphere.

Use of the Danuri CI

  • To use the Danuri CI, visit the Danuri homepage and download the corresponding image (AI, JPG files).
  • The Danuri CI may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Those who wish to use the Danuri CI for specific sponsor/support events (etc.), must first receive the expressed permission of the Korean Institute for Healthy Family prior to use.

Logo Mark & CI Download

1) Logo Mark (Korean)


2) Logo Mark (English)

a portal supporting multicultural households danuri

3) CI Download

※ The forms, images, and colors of the Danuri CI may not be altered in any way, and the CI cannot be used or replicated without expressed permission.

Danuri CI Colors

    R:37 G:132 B:198 C:80 M:40 Y:0 K:0
    R:72 G:43 B:134 C:89 M:100 Y:9 K:2
    R:158 G:44 B:136 C:43 M:97 Y:7 K:0
    R:154 G:43 B:46 C:26 M:94 Y:85 K:22
    R:233 G:100 B:36 C:4 M:75 Y:99 K:0
    R:230 G:81 B:17 C:5 M:83 Y:100 K:1
    R:253 G:195 B:30 C:1 M:24 Y:96 K:0
    R:144 G:159 B:42 C:48 M:0 Y:100 K:3
    R:141 G:192 B:66 C:51 M:3 Y:98 K:0
    R:1 G:122 B:61 C:89 M:27 Y:100 K:15
    R:19 G:129 B:114 C:85 M:29 Y:60 K:10

※ Please call the Korean Institute for Healthy Family (02-3479-7655) if you have any additional questions regarding the use of the Danuri CI.