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다문화지원기관의 기관별 사업 및 지원내용 및 기관별 홈페이지의 정보를 보여주는 표
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KDB대우증권 로고
KDB Daewoo Securities
  • Development and distribution of bilingual textbooks
  • Hosting of the annual "My Mother & Father's Native Tongue" speech competition (2011~)
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다음세대재단 로고
The Daum Foundation
  • Production & distribution of Olly Bolly picture books (in 12 countries)
  • Operation of 18 online and offline Olly Bolly centers
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세이브더칠드런 로고
Save the Children
  • Development of "My Mother & Father's Country" fairy tales and textbooks
  • Operation of bilingual support program "Two Languages, Twice the Happiness'' (15 locations as of 2015)
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㈜LG 로고
LG (main)
  • "Multicultural School of Love" Operation of bilingual courses (2009~)
  • Courses: Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian

    ※ Run in operation with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Multicultural Education Center

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