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Danuri, the multicultural family support portal


Cultural Diversity Education

Target Experience activity classes for middle and/or high school students
Content Integrated curriculum cultural diversity program
※ Educational contents and scheduled museum are subject to change in the case of extenuating circumstances
Registration Email after calling (email:
※ Organizations may register more than one time
Contact Info 02-3704-3121/ 3131
Related Organization Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Multicultural Packages

Target Open to educational facilities related to multicultural education and/or diversification, regular citizens, and multicultural families and youth
Content Operation of multicultural development packages
  • Development of "multicultural packages" serving as educational materials for children to experience cultural diversity
  • Format: Mongolia package, Vietnam package, Philippines Package, Korea Package, Uzbek Package
  • Rental operations: for organizations in need of multicultural experience materials
  • Homepage:
Operation of children's museum
  • Hands-on exhibits, integrated education (education connected to schools, education during school vacation, programs for underprivileged groups, etc.), visiting children's museum, and supply and development of online contents
  • Homepage:
Registration Diversification Package Rental
  • Fill out application - send in application - call to confirm - visit (or receive materials by post) - borrow materials - return materials - complete certificate of return and report of operation results
    ※ Please visit the homepage for more information on the rental of multicultural packages
Children's Museum
Contact Info Diversification Package: 02-3704-4506/4507/4512
Children's Museum
  • Exhibit information: 02-3704-4540
  • Education information: 02-3704-4523
Related Organization Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Teenager International Exchange Network

Target Teenagers
Details Provide opportunities for teens as well as instructors from different countries to share information and exchange in order to help them cultivate global leadership and an international sense.
* Entry fees subsidized for the socially vulnerable, such as children of multicultural families
Special treatment for children of multicultural families
Children of multicultural families encouraged to participate in international exchange program by providing entry fees (Children of multicultural families must submit Family Relation Certificate when applying via online)
* Financial support provided such as travel insurance fees, travel expenses and full round-trip air fare (individuals must pay visa, passport fees, domestic transportation fees)
Registration Register online after signing up as a member of the International Youth Network (
* Notification period: Korea/China Special Youth Exchange & Korea/China Links of Humanity (April & June)
Participation in the international conference '‘Youth Leaders of the World" and the overseas youth volunteer group "Dreams Through People" (March to April)
Phone Numbers
  • Cross-National Teen Exchange: 02-330-2899
  • Korea-China Teen Exchange: 02-330-2898
  • International Volunteering: 02-330-2894
  • International Conference Group: 02-330-2893
Relevant Department International Conference Group: 02-330-2893

Teenager International Exchange Network Project

Opreation Content Duration Target
Korea/China Special Exchange
Korea/China Links of Humanity
Promotion of understanding between Korean and Chinese youths and training of future leaders through the conducting of visits to China's major government agencies, youth exchange, cultural exchange, and visits to youth centers 8 days, 7 nights Youths aged 16-24
*22-24 for "Links of Humanity"
International Youth Exchange Improving Korean youths' ability to understand the culture of other countries by signing an agreement between 34 member nations for youth exchange, introducing the youth policies of member nations, and other cultural experience programs Around 10 days Youths aged 16-24
Overseas Youth Volunteer Group Promotion of self-realization and the strengthening of international capabilities through volunteer activities overseas
* Operation of specialized program for underprivileged youths
Around 10 days Youths aged 15-20
International Conference Participation Group Korean youths act as representatives of Korea at the UN General Assembly Third Committee and other international conferences/events while engaging in debates and exchange with youths from other participating countries ~7-20 days
*Varies by conference
Youths aged 15-24