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Support for Adaptation to Korean (Society)Children of Marriage Immigrants

This offers Korean culture and Korean conversation programs for marriage immigrants who unfamiliar with Korean life, as well as their children.

Support for immigrant children

The Rainbow Youth Center of the Migrant Youth Foundation supports youth from multicultural backgrounds (North Korean defectors, children of marriage immigrants, and children of multicultural families) in accordance with Article 18 of the Juvenile Welfare Support Act. As a non-profit organization, the center aims to make Korea a multicultural society in which everyone can pursue a happy life. (“Youth from multicultural backgrounds” refers to youth who were born and raised in another culture, or have a parent/parents that are not Korean).

Items Contents How to Use
Customized information services
  • Information on residence, settlement, education, career paths, and lives of youth from multicultural backgrounds
  • Activity programs such as Rainbow School and support connecting with other organizations
  • Guidance on career paths and higher education, and support connecting with psychological and emotional counseling services
Education for support in the early period of immigration
Rainbow School
  • Commissioned operation at 17 organizations in 12 regions, including Seoul and Gyeonggi (as of 2015)
  • Support for Korean language education, special skills development, social and cultural programs, and physiological programs for youth from multicultural backgrounds
  • Operation of full-time, autumn, summer, weekend, and nighttime programs
Program for job support:
Rainbow Job!
  • Operation at four organizations in 2015
  • Career path development and career camp for children of marriage immigrants who need career development support
  • Targeting children of marriage immigrants in their teens or early 20s
Program for integrated counseling and family integration
  • Online, offline, and visiting counseling services
  • Customized counseling services and interpretation and translation services
  • Group counseling sessions to improve the self-esteem of children of marriage immigrants
  • Family camps to improve family relations and family support systems for children of marriage immigrants
Program for skills building
  • Mentoring through four organizations (1 direct-operated organization and three consortiumoperated organizations) for psychological and emotional support and improvement of learning abilities of children of marriage immigrants
  • Operation of camps to promote interaction between children of marriage immigrants and Korean children
    ※ Three-day camps operated in August 2015
Counseling and psychological therapy project “多Talk茶Talk”
  • Psychological and emotional support and healthcare support for children of marriage immigrants
  • KRW 1.1 million of financial support per child for psychological therapy
    ※ Financial support for psychological therapy will be provided following an application and review.
Chin-chin Rainbow Project
  • Volunteer activities and financial support for the education of children of divorced marriage immigrants and North Korean defectors
  • Financial support for education of up to KRW 3 million per child
    ※ Financial support for education will be provided following an application and review. Volunteer activities are required.